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The ideal ecovillage, which does not yet exist – is a sustainable human settlement which is in harmony with all aspects of life, including the cultural, ecological and spiritual dimensions.

On you can read more about the ecovillage movement, philosophy and history and the people who are making it happen all over the world.

The International Network

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is an international network of ecovillages, administratively divided into three autonomous regions:

  • ENA: The Ecovillage Network of the Americas. ENA is further divided into 9 regions covering the Western Hemisphere from Canada to South America.
  • GEN-Europe, which is organized nationally with about 20 national networks active at this time.
  • GENOA, or GEN Oceania/Asia, which has national networks in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Sri Lanka and evolving networks in Japan, India and other countries of the region.

GEN’s primary purpose is information exchange among the thousands of projects across the world that are building and living in small intentional and traditional communities in harmony with nature, as well as information dissemination to the larger world. GEN does this with seminars, newsletters, educational programs at many ecovillages, and an active website with easily accessible contact addresses of members, resource lists, and links to related activities. GEN has consulting status with the United Nations agency ECOSOC.

For a fuller description, visit the GEN website, which has an enormous database of information on the many participating projects and related issues. On this site you can also find an article on the Global Ecovillage Network History 1990-2004.