Ross Jackson lives at:

Duemosegaard, Stavnsholt Gydevej 52

3460 Birkerød, Denmark

Tel: (+45) 4552 5581



  1. Objective definition of village ?
    Good to see you Ross over the internet. I met you in Mumbai around 1994 when i was doing some some project with dr Mayur. You and Hildur came in an interval. I still remeber warmth and joy transanded over the meeting.
    After a short while in Mumbai i left the city and went back to my village in central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The main theme of my work since then is, what could be an objective definition of a village? I found the root cause of destruction of villages in Asian societies is lack of this basic understanding. Now over 23 years working closely with several villages and intellectual we find an affirmative answer . That is ‘ yes’!! there is an objective definition possible which can encompass all the four dimensions of livelihood, political, social, and spiritual . we are working on it and happy to share this sometime to whoever is interested in .

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