kali-yuga-odysseyHold your breath! According to Carey’s source, the solar system is about to move into a new galactic space with a new “energy of vibration”. The transition will take several decades and will have the consequence, much like the Earth’s spring season effect on plant life, of “waking up” Man from a deep sleep that has lasted centuries. The source refers directly to the ancient Mayan civilization’s so-called “great cycle” of approximately 5125 years which began in 3113 BC and ends with the winter solstice in 2012.4 The greatest effects of the shift should occur in the late 1990’s and the first decade of the 21st century. The source says that some will waken before others, but there will at some point occur a collective awakening.

Should we believe this? I don’t know. But I do know that some of the other things he says, which are just as far out, are right on, based on my personal experience.

Particularly interesting to me was Carey’s description of how the awakening will be experienced. It is a perfect description of what I felt – the tremendous change in sensitivity of the physical body, the feeling of connection to a team, the feeling of a quantum jump in brain capacity, the buoyancy of the spirit, the vitality in the skin and the hair, the feelings of love, the absence of jealousy and hate, and most of all the feeling of being truly awake for the first time, so that your previous life will “seem but a dream”. All these descriptions are precisely correct. Now Carey does not claim to have experienced this himself. So from where did he get this most unusual information? How could he describe it so accurately? To my knowledge it is not described anywhere else in the literature.

According to Ruhela (1996) Sai Baba said some time ago that “the golden age of humanity is soon to dawn, within the next two decades, and that the Sat Yuga shall start from 1999.” 7

But Sai Baba also indicated on another occasion that the exact timing was uncertain, saying:

“The Golden Age is the creation of Man, not God. Man is living at the dawn of a Golden Age and he himself will determine the timing of the transition by his own acts and thoughts.” 8

It would seem that we may be entering, or already have entered, a transition period stretching over several years. That would be in keeping with the idea of a shift dependent on the position of the solar system in space, where gradual change would be expected.