kali-yuga-odysseyIt was early to bed again after a little reading, but quite impossible to sleep. My brain just would not quit spinning as it continued to look for alternative explanations. I wasn’t entirely sold on the flower Earth theory, if for no other reason than it was statistically improbable. If the theory were true there would be many people in my state – or at least a few. I couldn’t be the first. That was too far out. So what was going on?

There was the third possibility that I had rejected initially- a present state. Let’s go back to that. Could it be, I asked myself, that others have experienced this state, but reacted differently? Suppose my first experience had not been with a black belt in judo and twenty-five psychologists to protect me, but in an ordinary situation, where I was just a little annoyed and not expecting it. I could have murdered somebody! Suppose I hadn’t got quick control of myself in the second experience. Suppose I had insisted that they were all asleep. I’d be in the loony bin now!

Suppose this power suddenly hit a person of a quite different nature – maybe they would be convinced they were the messiah. I thought of the man walking down the street with the sign hanging down in front: “God is coming”, and behind: “You just missed him”. They say any self-respecting psychiatric ward has a Jesus. Is this state what these people experienced and weren’t able to cope with? Ironically, their insight may well have been quite correct. Maybe they discovered their divinity, as Muktananda would say. Maybe this state is much more common than I realize. Maybe people in this state are found mostly in insane asylums!

A sharp knife of cold fear ran down my spine.

“Those not so finely tuned to the forces that will be released at that time, will feel great surges of energy, lasting for an indeterminate period. Some few will experience an intense fear, and many will die. Everything in physical form at this time, every soul in every kingdom, will feel something, something incredible, something that according to all the laws of physics ever known or ever to be discovered, could never happen. But there it will be before all senses, an impossible fact, like the babe in the manger, like the unmistakable feeling in your heart, an incredible vibration of Truth and Love, shimmering, scintillating, awakening every nerve, every capillary, every cell of your body.” 24