kali-yuga-odysseyWe were approaching the meeting place now, and were a few minutes late. As we entered, we found the library in complete darkness. We made our way slowly towards a slight glow coming from one of the meeting rooms. As we entered, a strange and eerie sight greeted us; a circle of about a dozen people sat silently around a low table where three candles burned. Fred sat with his head bowed – the only empty chairs being on each side of him. Monica and I silently took our places, she on Fred’s left and I on his right. After a short time, Fred suggested that we all hold hands and meditate in silence.

This was hardly the kind of meeting I had expected! Then suddenly it took a turn which I could not in my wildest imagination have foreseen.

After a long period of silence, Fred seemed to be struggling to find the right words, and then he began to speak in an unusual and almost monotone voice:

“This is the master D.K. sending love and best wishes to those who are gathered here. Also from Master K.H. and the senior members of the hierarchy.

“Only in one way can a true prosperity be established, which shall be the result of unity, peace and plenty. And that is by the united action of the men and women of goodwill and understanding in every country and in every nation. They must throw off their feelings of weakness and futility, discover each other and be in touch with each other. They must clarify the basic principles of right living, formulating these in simple and practical terms and teach by example.

“This is no idle, impractical program. It undermines and attacks no authority or government. It is not interested in the overthrow of rulers or the downfall of any political party. It calls for intelligent and practical effort, and for the cooperation of many types of mind and many trained executives.

“There is no place for pacifism, no mystical dream waiting for God to take action. It is a plan for the development of a group of people gathered out of every nation, trained in the spirit of goodwill, who possess a clear insight into the principles that should govern human relations and world affairs.

“There is much opposition to be overcome, and this can be done only by the opposition of an equally focused spiritual will, displayed by responsive men and women of goodwill, who can train themselves to be sensitive to the new incoming Shamballa energy, and who can learn how to invoke and evoke it. We wish you to know that the levels of intensity of this most powerful energy are about to be increased substantially.”

I recognized the name of master D.K. from the writings of Alice Bailey, which were purported to have been dictated by him through automatic writing. Fred paused to give us a chance to absorb what was happening. Everyone just listened very silently.

Then a voice from across the circle interjected:

“We have received the same information on the increasing energies.”