kali-yuga-odysseyIn the evening, after sundown, I wandered down the road to Ganeshpuri and back again. Along the road were some small shops – almost stands really – that sold trinkets and sundry small things. There were still a number of people about, mostly wearing long, flowing robes. A couple of hundred yards from the ashram, only a few lights here and there separated the dirt road from complete darkness. A rumbling in the dark turned out to be an oxen-drawn cart with wooden wheels that seemed to rise suddenly out of the dark road like a ghost from the past. It could easily have been like this two thousand years ago, I thought. Time seemed to stand still in this eerie atmosphere. My thoughts wandered idly as I approached the lighted-up area of the ashram again, looking up into a clear starlit sky.

“There is no reason why instantaneous awakenings cannot occur. Those who experience them are truly blessed.” 2

Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation in my leg – very strong – a little like goose pimples but not the same. Then without warning, came a slight tremor in my body as if I were passing through an invisible barrier. Something seemed to go ‘pop’- Whoosh, whoosh. Just a second or two. I woke up. Pow! Just like that.

“It can occur in the twinkling of an eye. It only involves one step, one decision, one event. When it takes place, it is as easy as breathing, as simple as a smile. Suddenly, you just know; suddenly, you know on a level of certainty that precludes all knowledge. Your eyes are clear, and you see for the first time what lies beyond the prison wall, and you jump. You jump into the unknown: alive, alert, aware for the first time of who you really are. When you are ready to make that leap, you will know. There will be no other choice. Suddenly you will realize that all your fears, all your problems, all your rational dilemmas, were all just part of a dream.” 3

I looked around. Everyone was asleep, and walking along the road as if nothing had happened. My first thought was: “My God, we have all been asleep. I must be the first to have woken up. What is going on?