kali-yuga-odysseyShe closed her eyes and held my watch tightly with both hands in her lap. There was a long silence. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable. Nothing was further from my background and training than the occult, although I did have a certain curiosity about it. Finally she opened her eyes, and said:

“It hasn’t surfaced yet. But it will, even though it is the furthest thing from you mind right now. You have gone the mystic way in many lives before. Even been burned at the stake for it,” she added, smiling.

This all seemed rather far out to me. I asked:

“If I have all these psychic abilities, how come I have never experienced anything remotely psychic.”

She closed her eyes again:

“It is strange. I’ll try to get an answer to that”, she said. Another long pause. Then:

“It’s not time. You are not ready yet. There are apparently other things you have to do, experiences you have to have, first. There are very powerful forces involved. Pure fire energy! If it is released too early, you can end up in a mental hospital. With the kinds of forces involved here you have to be absolutely balanced, or they will tear you apart”, she said sternly. “It will be like walking on a tightrope when it comes”, she said grimly, not looking very optimistic about my prospects.

I thought of India, where I almost self-destructed. There seemed to be some parallels there. I told Isabella briefly of the experiences in Norway and India without going into any details. Were these connected in any way with what she was saying? She went into a silent period again, before she spoke:

“I am being told that you were in touch with the akashic records in India. Both of those experiences were initiations.”

“Akashic records? Initiations? What are you talking about?”, I asked.