Shaker_coverSaid about Francis Bacon

“No other author can be compared with him, unless it be Shakespeare.” –  Thomas Fowler

“The philosophical writings of Bacon are suffused and saturated with Shakespeare’s thought” – Gerald Massey

“Next to Shakespeare, the greatest name of the Elizabethan age is that of Bacon. Undoubtedly, one of the broadest, richest, and most imperial of human intellects.” – E. P. Whipple

“The most prodigious wit that ever I knew, of my nation and of this side of the sea, is of your lordship’s name, though he be known by another.” – Tobie Mathews, his closest friend

“He was a genius second only to Shakespeare”– Prof. Richard W. Church

“Here is language as supreme in prose as Shakespeare’s is in verse” – Will Durant

“The most exquisitely constructed mind that has ever been bestowed on any of the children of men.” – Thomas B. Macaulay

“Lord Bacon was the greatest genius that England  — or perhaps any other country — has ever produced.”  – Alexander Pope

“No one who knew him could help loving him” – Lucy Aiken

“All that were good and great admired him.” – John Aubrey

“The wisdom displayed in Shakespeare is equal in profoundness to the great Lord Bacon’s Novum Organum.” – William Hazlitt

“In temper, in honesty, in labour, in humility, in reverence, he was the most perfect example that the world has yet seen.” – Dean Church

“The wisest, greatest of mankind” – Henry Hallam

“No man ever spoke more neatly, more pressly, more weightily, or suffered less emptiness, less idleness in what he uttered. The fear of every man that heard him was lest he should make an end.” – Ben Jonson