Shaker_coverShaker of the Speare is an unusual book in the sense that it is what I call a documented novel, where the documentation for the story line is published as a separate volume — The Companion to Shaker of the Speare. The Companion is for those who are interested in the references and arguments supporting the case that Francis Bacon was indeed the son of Queen Elizabeth, was the author of the Shakespeare works, was a highly evolved spiritual master, and was completely innocent of all charges of corruption.

I have endeavoured to avoid writing a single line that can be shown to be historically incorrect, while using literary license to fill in the blanks with dialogue and a small number of highly plausible but undocumented events, which are identified as such in The Companion.

The book is also unusual in the sense that the story as told here differs radically from the general perception of the public, not least as concerns the question of the Shakespeare authorship. One reason for this difference is that much of the surprising documentation was first discovered or made available long after the passing of the principals, some as late as the 20th century, by which time historically incorrect perceptions had become firmly imbedded in the public mind, and vested interests in the distorted version of history had taken firm hold. Some of the documentation was withheld from the public, and thus earlier historians, for reasons of national security and monarchical privilege.

For readers who may have been put off by the dubious claims of certain writers that hidden codes in the works of Shakespeare identify Bacon as author, I can assure them that no such arguments are made here, nor are they necessary to make a convincing case for Bacon.