Blockbuster Book! Read about everything you ever wanted to know about the economy and the wealthy 1%, including fundamental issues that are at the core of the Occupy Movement’s list of grievances—all neatly outlined in one book, “Occupy World Street” by Ross Jackson—it’s aims and purpose and the underlying practices of how the elite 1% are enriching themselves at the expense of the 99% majority and why democracy has failed in the US; certainly a ‘Must Read’ for every person in the US.

Occupy World Street offers a long awaited plan of action for ‘the 99 percent’. Ross Jackson delivers one of the most lucid descriptions of how global financial practices are driving economies to the brink of collapse, and making it impossible to deal effectively with climate change, ecosystem damage and peak oil, trade alliances on a more human scale, and gradually replace WTO/IMF/World Bank with new institutions that support sustainable economies and uphold human rights. Rather than force a direct confrontation with the crumbling ‘Empire’, Jackson’s innovative strategy would be led by a handful of small nations that are already starting to break away from the contemporary global order, and supported by ordinary citizens around the world. Jackson has done what few others have dared to do: constructed a specific, implementable plan to reorganize the way economies work. It’s a plan, says sustainable economics pioneer Hazel Henderson that “has the potential to unite hundreds of NGOs and millions of ordinary citizens behind a simple proposal that could change the current dysfunctional game.”

Even though it addresses these issues, this book does not exude a tone of doom and gloom nor is it chalked up with radical left-wing conspiracies or propaganda. Rather, the author backs up all his claims with strong evidence and offers a road map to economic recovery and sustainability and a concrete vision for a new society,  which favors not mere economic growth and greed but rather serving all of humanity rather than only the wealthy elite and “the corporatocracy”. The author, Ross  Jackson, is at the forefront of this transformation—spearheading Ecovillages and offering new models for almost all aspects of civilization.

This book is neutral and not politically aligned to any party or corporation, the author  states facts as they are and reveals many hidden facts that most of us in the US are not aware of, the author is wealthy and has no ulterior motives, this book is set to become a best seller. This book is no urban legend or conspiracy theory; it’s all hard facts that is not available to the general public.

— By Occupy Oakland

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