kali-yuga-odyssey“Kali Yuga Odyssey is an unparalleled account of a successful businesman, a brilliant systems scientist, a global visionary and an avid searcher of the ultimate purpose and truth of life.”

– Dr. Rashmi Mayur, director of the International Institute for Sustainable Future, Bombay, India


“We live in an age of mindless exploitation of nature and humans. One almost loses hope. After reading  Kali Yuga Odyssey: A Spiritual Journey, by Ross Jackson, I found hope. Now I understand the true meaning of spiritualism as he discovered through his journey to India. It is a remarkable book for those searching for a purpose in life.”

– Dr. Gary Herbertson, President, Earth Day International


Kali Yuga Odyssey: A Spiritual Journey is a unique book for a person living in a materialistic industrial civilization of the West. Its two messages must reach everyone:
—simplicity of life
—search for spiritual values”

– Dr. William Symes, former President, Monsanto Foundation


“Dr. Ross Jackson’s journey to India is an immense experience. The ecovillage movement founded by him and his wife is a true expression of the Indian spiritualism. Every Indian should read Kali Yuga Odyssey: A Spiritual Journey to discover the genius of Indian philosophy for personal salvation.”

– Dr. Shantilal K. Somaiya, Chairman, Somaiya’s Educational Trust