The EU as a Green Powerhouse – A Green Opportunity

The recent revelations regarding our American allies’ spying on Angela Merkel and
other leading EU politicians, raises – once again – some fundamental questions
about the differences in values between the US and Europe. In particular, the
question of whether the gap between EU citizens’ values and those of the American
political leadership have not become so large that it is time for the EU to charter
its own course forward based on its own values rather than those of Washington.

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Individualism or Community?

For the last thirty years or so, an increase in self-interest has permeated every
aspect of human existence, both at the individual and national level. President
John F. Kennedy’s urging to “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what
you can do for country” seems totally alien to most of today’s young people.

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Stemming the Flow of Refugees – An Holistic Approach

he unprecedented surge of refugees streaming into Europe is no doubt due
to the ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq and the unstable situation in Libya. However, refugees were arriving in Europe long before these wars began. They will continue to do so, even when civil strife has come to an end.

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A Silver Lining to Europe’s Troubles

As we await the outcome of the four-month extension of the Greek credit arrangement with the Troika (EU, IMF, ECB), this is a good time to consider various possible scenarios. Indeed, I would like to outline the one scenario that has not been mentioned anywhere, as far as I know, but may well be the most satisfying for the Greeks in the long run.

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Eurozone: The End Game

It has become clear to most EU citizens, but not yet to the EU leaders, that neoliberal economics has been a total fiasco for the environment, increased inequality, and decreased the overall sense of well-being for over thirty years. When will the EU leadership recognize this?

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Nero Politics Meet Limits to Growth

Nero – the last emperor of the Roman Empire – is best remembered as the man who fiddled while Rome burned. I see a direct parallel to the collective of current world leaders who are ignoring vital threats to our very survival while fiddling with far less important issues.

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Tackling the Global Crisis

Wit the crisis all around us at this critical time in history, it is time to start asking ourselves some hard questions that are not normally part of the daily political discourse. Let us step back for a moment and take a realistic look at the global status quo.

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Beating Climate Change with Radical Ideas and Grassroots Movements

Saving the planet might just be ‘politically impossible’, says Ross Jackson, chairman of the Gaia Trust and financier behind political party the Alternative. Our only hope is to fight our egotistical instincts and replace neoliberalism with ecological economics.

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